JavaScript30 Episodes 3 & 4: CSS vars & Array Cardio Day 1

This post is about the next two classes in the course. In case you missed it, check out my post on class #1 and class #2.

CSS vars

What I learned:

  • CSS vars, duh!
  • .controls CSS class to select controls!
  • nasty way to set the var’s suffix. Manually add adata- attribute to the input element just to read it back later and use it for the CSS var. Ugh!

Array Cardio Day 1

Learned about:

  • filter/sort/map/reduce yay! Reduce is quite powerful.
  • de-structuring an array. Cool trick to easily get elements out of an array into separate variables.

OK, slacked a bit before taking these two classes. Life happens in between 🙂

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