WebGL in Chrome on the MBA2011

I recently wanted to install the excellent Vysor extension/app in Chrome on my mid-2011 MacBook Air. But the extension was not installable… Instead of an `Add to Chrome` button, I was only given a `Not compatible` button! Clicking it was informing me that the app uses 3D graphics and needs WebGL

Strange. No WebGL enabled in my Chrome?

I tried checking he settings, quiting, reinstalling and even clearing Chrome’s application data folder to no avail.

As it happens, WebGL is by default disabled on my mac. The graphics card in it (Intel HD Graphics 3000) is blacklisted, even on the latest macOS Sierra!

Fortunately, and a few Google searches later, found the workaround in overriding the blacklisting by visiting the Chrome flags page and enabling the very first option: `Override software rendering list`. And it worked!

Trusted, overriding that setting is not exactly recommended so, I’ll keep an eye on the system’s stability and revert the tweak if it makes it too unstable. So far so good though 🙂

I found this nifty tweak at this nice superuser.com answer: http://superuser.com/a/836833

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