Analytiks – Android app

OK, I’m usually busy with a few things at the same time (being a father is also a thing, right?) and occasionally one of them matures enough to leave the nest and fly into the wild! Yoohoo!

So without further ado, meet Analytiks for Google Analytics, the latest Android app crafted by my bare hands (well, plus keyboards)!

Analytiks for Google Analytics Android app
Analytiks for Google Analytiks Android app

The app is still in beta, but that doesn’t mean it’s crippled! The basic premise is to deliver a quick overview of how your websites perform, powered by the data collected through Google Analytics. For instance, are your pageviews better or worse than yesterday? What about this versus last month?

Bonus: Try to hold the device in landscape… more goodies wait you there 🙂

Analytiks is produced and published by Blatt Labs Inc. and it’s been some months now that we collaborated to put together the Android sibling of their successful iOS app. Yes, my dear iOS friends, make sure you head over to the AppStore and get Analytiks for iOS, thanks!

The app is actively supported and developed and more features will land, well, soon :P. In the meantime, enjoy the app and don’t be shy to rate and leave us a review on PlayStore 🙂

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